Is there a difference between a Idaho Grey Wolf and a Northern Canadian Wolf

I asked a NON- BIOLOGIST worker at IDFG ... Why , the Northern Canadian Wolf was introduced to Idaho in 1995 ? The Idaho Grey Wolf was the endangered Wolf , so why not Re-introduce the Idaho Grey Wolf ? The Canadian Wolf is much larger , eats more elk and are more aggressive . Some of these Canadian Wolves are over 212LBS !! He said it's the SAME THING ....THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE between the WOLVES , a Wolf is a Wolf ! He said , I am just caught up in the rhetoric and I am just swayed by emotion. Is there a difference in the WOLVES ?

Wolves circling deer in our field.

I watched 2 wolves circling a deer in our field this morning about 75 yards or less from my front door. I'm a woman and don't hunt, but I do target practice with my husband. Is it legal for me to shoot a wolf to protect my animals, horses, mules, and dog, without a license and tag in Idaho. I would hate to watch as they took down one of our animals and couldn't do anything about it? I live in Idaho. Thank you so much for any answers.

Unmanaged how rapidly would the wolf population grow, allowing only for incidental, natuaral and accidental mortality?

With that total protection ( ESA) in place what would the population be in 20 years ? In Idaho? Inthe Yellowstone ecosystem?
What is the daily food requirements for a mature wolf ,? In pounds of meat ? For an average pack that is how many deer,elk, etc. a day, week , etc.?