Into the wolf den: Monitoring pup survival

Managing wolves is complicated. It requires a good understanding of their biology. That includes understanding wolf cub survival rates. Since the 1938 initiative, Idaho Fish and Game's biologists continue to try new methods to gain more knowledge and understanding of Idaho's wildlife to preserve, protect, and manage Idaho's wildlife resources.

The following Spokesman Review article tells about Lacy Robinson's recent ground breaking research for monitoring wolf pups. Read more at http://spokesman.com/stories/2014/mar/05/idaho-biologist-develops-way-to-track-wolf-pup/

Collared wolf pup, (c) Lacy Robinson, Idaho Fish and Game

Want to know more? This video documents the new method of monitoring wolf pups.
Note: There is footage of a minor surgery that some users might find upsetting.

What is the largest wolf taken to date?

I am an avid wolf trapper. I have people on a weekly basis tell me they know (insert name here) who took a 200 lb wolf. I say this is not accurate. When I took the trapping class, the instructor said the largest wolf he had ever come across in his 20 some years of wolf trapping was 148 lbs. According to Wiki, the largest wolf taken in North America was from Canada in 1939 weighing 175lbs. Could you possibly look at they records and clear the air as to the largest wolf taken in Idaho to date? Thanks.