Wildlife Management Area

Updated Idaho Wildlife Management Area App and Maps

Looking for a great place to fish, hunt, or watch wildlife? Check out one of Idaho's 32 Wildlife Management Areas (WMA).   Each WMA has been set aside to protect wildlife habitat and provide the public access for fish and wildlife related recreation. Maps specific to each WMA have been revised and are available on the IDFG WMA webpage http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/public/wildlife/wma/.  Here you will also find information on how to get to the WMA and what kind of wildlife viewing, hunting, fishing and other activities are unique to each WMA. 


Also, check out the new WMA viewer app http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/ifwis/maps/wma/.  This map application allows you to interactively discover WMAs near you and explore the land within each WMA. It also provides all of the same information as the IDFG WMA webpage, just click on one of the WMAs on the map and an information box will appear.


Has the private hunting area at Ted Trueblood WMA been expanded this year?

I have found that an area of Ted Trueblood WMA that I have pheasant hunted every year is now marked off as private land. In the past I have known that an area between the back pond and the front pond by grandview was marked with orange markers. Have they purchased more land this year and closed out hunting except around the back pond? Could it be illegally marked to block hunting for those using that WMA?