wild trout

Why did you put clipped hatchery trout in the south fork of the clear water. This is considered a trash fish to a lot of fisherman and damaging to our native rivers.

We found that we were forced to only keep hatchery trout on what was a very expensive outing to the south fork river this past week. This is a fish we could have fished for a few miles from home. We also found that while fishing for trout in the south fork, it was very hard to find a native fish. The native fish we did catch were small and a lot were foul hooked. I have fished this river for years and have never foul hooked as many fish. I feel that this was a bad addition to south fork or any river. I think the hatchery fish will starve out the native fish.

Did you know there are wild trout in the sandhallow creek?

There is a stream that runs from the southeast of Emmett,id to Notus Idaho,and then dumps into the Boise river near the Dixie river. It fallows Market Rd from Oasis Rd. to Sand Hallow Rd from Were i live. It then goes to the Boise river in Notus Id. and dumps into the Boise river. I wish it could be protected some how? Its not very common that a stream has wild trout in it around them parts.

Rodney B