Lawful to take Doves from Watercraft?

I understand that it is not lawful to take Upland Game Birds from any type of watercraft (which btw is not defined in the regulations so its confusing whether you can be standing in a moored boat or drifting naturally, etc).

I am trying to confirm that Doves are NOT considered Upland Game and are Migratory Birds and allowed to be hunted from watercraft. Is that the case?

Why not open Roswell WMA and Ft. Boise WMA to snow goose hunting?

The closure of these public WMA's to snow goose hunting means that only hunters who know farmers in the area, or those who are wealthy enough to lease those farms for hunting can participate in the spring hunt. I am very concerned about situations like this that are turning our sport into a rich man's game, and limiting the ability of the average hunter to participate. Thank you!