upland game birds

Upland Game Birds with Crossbow

Regulation states that one can use a bow to hunt upland birds however it’s unlawful to take upland game birds with a crossbow. I can't use a bow and have a disabled archery permit. Does this allow me to hunt upland birds with a crossbow? Why is the permit recognized for Archery Only season but not for anything else that a bow is legal for use?

Hunting with ferrets

I am curious about hunting with ferrets, as they have been bred in Europe for that purpose for centuries. Would it be lawful to use ferrets to flush cottontail rabbits? How about upland game birds? If not, would using ferrets to hunt unprotected or predatory wildlife, such as jackrabbits, be considered legal take?

Upland game bird reports are rolling in...


Forest grouse seasons have been open since late August and all other species opened on October 1. 

Most hunters have reported that forest grouse population are 'spotty' and locally abundant. 

Both the sage- and sharp-tailed grouse seasons are now closed.  Most hunters reported that populations were down from 2010 levels across the range.

Chukar, gray partridge and quail hunters seem to be faring much better.  Hunters in the Southwest Region have reported seeing healthy populations of birds.  Of the wings that have been turned in thus far, many are juveniles; suggesting that production was good this past spring/summer.  Many hunters have reported seeing 'small' birds which would suggest there were some late hatches.  Reports from the Southeast Region are that gray partridge numbers are down from 2010 levels when they were quite abundant.  I have not heard any reports from the Clearwater, Magic Valley or Salmon regions yet.

Happy hunting!