A Family Tradition.

2013 Turkey Hunt

I grew up hunting and fishing in Idaho with my Dad and Grandfather. It has always been a dream of mine to share the experience with my sons. This year both boys (12 and 15 years old) drew youth turkey tags and soon the bird hunt was on. Both harvested the biggest birds of their young lives, 9" beard for the youngest and a 10" for the oldest. As excited as we all were, I think their Grandfather was the most pleased with their success because he knows, better than most, how precious these days are.  - Jeff Streeter

Abby's First Bird!

Abby's first bird

As all good hunting stories start, "It was a crisp cool morning"...well not really, it was damn cold!! Twenty three degrees to be exact ! However, the cold didn't chill 11-year old Abby Asker's enthusiasm to get out on her first hunt. Abby was bundled up and ready to go as her Dad, Mike and I scrambled to our turkey blind. It was a rush to beat the fast approaching day. The turkeys were fired up and gobbling up a storm from the moment we got out of the truck. Soon after settling in, a big tom flew in from his roost and strutted just out of range. He soon lost interest in my calls and strutted off into the sunrise. Next a Jake became enamored with our sweet hen calls and gobbled in for a closer look. That is all Abby needed.  I could feel Abby's heart beating through her shoulder as I helped her mount her gun. I went back over with her to aim at the head and be smooth on the trigger. The safety clicked off...Kaboom!!! Abby collected a fine feast for the Asker family. I thought her face was going to crack from her well earned grin. After tagging up and a quick photo session it was off to school. Awesome way to start a day! - George Fischer, IDFG District Conservation Officer

Are there any plans to transplant more turkeys to Unit 39?

I've hunted the unit for the last three years and it appears that there are fewer turkeys each year. I know part of this is "being in the right place at the right time" but I'm starting to wonder if winter survival (or over-hunting) is becoming an issue. I know that the flocks around Blacks Creek Rd are pretty much gone. Another concern - out of 5 hunters and about 12 hunt-days, we saw a good number of hens, some toms (one harvested), but none of us saw any jakes. That leaves me questioning what next year will be like.