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2013 Super Hunt Winners

Both 2013 Super Hunt drawings are done and 34 lucky hunters have won the hunt of their dreams. Here are the 2013 Idaho Super Hunt winners by state:

  • 8 Super Hunt deer tags went to 3 Idaho hunters, 2 Washington hunters and 1 each to Wyoming, Wisconsin, Texas, Nevada and Utah hunters.

  • 8 Super Hunt elk tags went to 6 Idaho hunters, 2 Washington hunters, and 1 each to Minnesota and California hunters.

  • 8 Super Hunt pronghorn tags went to 6 Idaho hunters, 2 California hunters and 1 each to Washington and Minnesota hunters.

  • 2 Super Hunt moose tags went to 1 California hunter and 1 Indiana hunter.

  • 2 Super Hunt Combo tags went to 2 Idaho hunters.

Winners of Super Hunt tags for a deer, elk, pronghorn or moose can participate in any open hunt in addition to any general season or controlled hunt tags they also hold. All other rules of individual hunts apply.

The special drawings began in 2004 as a way to raise money for the Access Yes! program, which helps assure hunter and angler access to and across private lands by compensating willing landowners.

For information about this program contact local Fish and Game officials or visit the website at:


Trophies Come in All Sizes!

Well, the Super Hunt tag thing didn't go as I had planned.

The morning of October 1, I found myself 80 yards from a really heavy bull. Trees were thick, but open enough. Weather was bitterly cold, which was refreshing. Elk were going crazy.

After watching a bachelor group of small bulls walk by I heard that infamous deep grunting bugle from behind me. I took off running in that direction trying to keep my balance on the steep slope. He would scream every time I did, but I wasn’t gaining ground. I knew he would be in a clearing soon so I kept on trucking. Finally, when I heard him singing I knew he was close. I got down and began looking around and there he was! Massive antlers. I didn’t even count points, I didn’t have to. He was huge!

I waited and waited for a shot trying not to be seen by his cows. Finally, he stopped in between two trees that gave me about a foot wide shot at his vitals. I took the shot. The sound and smell of that old Win 270 filled the air. I watched the bull react. He was confused but that was all. I couldn’t get another shot in. He turned and followed his cows up the hill and if he wasn’t hit then he had one heck of a funny walk.

This was Monday morning at 0930. I spent the rest of that day and every daylight hour until Thursday noon looking for him. Not a lot of blood and no bull. They had walked into the thickest stuff I have ever walked through. I was cutting branches and ripping out bushes. I literally went insane those few days. Not even magpies and crows gave me a clue as to where he was. I hope it was a bad shot and he made it for next year’s archery. I puked several times knowing the biggest bull I have ever taken aim at slipped through another season.

After a long drive home and a lot of coffee I grabbed my family and we headed out to the desert. About 6pm my 6-year old son says, "Dad, elk!!" I look and see cows 50 yards ahead. I hop out and sure enough there was a bull, a small 5x.

I got back in the SUV and both my kids said, “Shoot it Dad. Shoot it.” I said it’s not big enough. Then Hunter, my kiddo said, “Are you kidding me?! He is huge.”  Ha.  That’s when I realized where the true trophy in this hunt was. After several pictures that "trophy" bull is now hanging in my son’s room. I guess trophies come in all kinds.

All in all, not what I wanted from my Super Hunt, but what I needed. It was great!   - John Thornley

Why doesn’t the IDFG limit the amount of out of state hunters drawn for the Super Hunts? This is a fabulous program and it is a shame that the sheer number of out of state applicants has drastically limited the odds of residents drawing.

Why is this program set up without restrictions on amount of out of state winners? Is it just about the money? Are we just raffling away our resources to out of state hunters?
This is the best hunting program in all of the US and people are starting to realize this as shown by the vast increase of out of state applicants making it difficult for the winner to be from Idaho. I believe the IDFG need to make it more like the controlled hunts.

Why should it be that there is a better chance of an out of state hunter drawing a Super Hunt then a resident?