Steelhead Fishing on Salmon River Oct 23, 2011

This weekend we observed considerable increases in angler pressure and success across all river sections, compared to the previous weekend. This is most likely due to cooler water temperatures, which remained in the mid to high forties all weekend. The hours per fish caught in each section were almost cut in half, while the number of anglers and hours fished, with the exception of section 16, doubled. Pressure was the highest in section 15 with many bank anglers as well as drift and jet boats. Not many hatchery fish were caught in section 14, but anglers were having success catching wild steelhead. Steelhead were also caught in section 17 as far upstream as Twelve Mile. With even colder weather moving in this week, we expect the fishing next weekend to be similar or even improve.

    * The values shown are unexpanded sample data and estimates of fishing effort and success.
  ** Before October 15, steelhead fishing upstream of Memorial Bridge of U.S. Highway 12 at Lewiston is catch-and-release only.

Sportsmen Fall for Idaho's Snake River

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Get your rod, gun, and dog and go out and enjoy Idaho's abundant fish and wildlife resources during the beautiful fall weather!

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