Steelhead Fishing Blog

  • Clearwater Creel Survey Update 9/15/12

    Creel section 1 of the Snake River saw the highest amount of effort this past weekend/week for Steelhead & Chinook. Saturday morning saw at least 70 boats out in the confluence, but most fishermen’s comments were that it was still pretty slow out there.

  • Clearwater Steelhead Weekend Creel Numbers 9/8/12

    STEELHEAD CREEL NUMBERS  (Unexpanded Estimates*)

            For Weekend of:  9/8/2012

  • Update on Fall Chinook and Steelhead Fishing 9/05/12

    The good news is that water temperatures are finally starting to cool down in the Snake River and higher numbers of steelhead are now starting to pass over Ice Harbor Dam (first dam on the Snake River).

  • Fishing for Spring Chinook on Clearwater Ends Soon.

    Hi all, this will be my last weekly update for spring/summer Chinook.  Last week we documented harvest of Chinook at only one location –the North Fork Clearwater River (35 fish caught).

  • Upper Salmon Weekly Chinook Update 7/22/12

    Angler effort was lower this past weekend compared to the one before, and the number of Chinook harvested dropped as well. Between July 16th and July 22nd, 174 adults and 36 jacks were kept, while 137 non ad-clipped adults were released.

  • Clearwater Weekly Chinook Update 7/19/12

    Hi all.  In the Clearwater River drainage fish are still being caught in the North Fork Clearwater River (we estimated that 87 adults were caught) and the catch rates were extremely good (4 hrs/fish).  We also observed some Chinook being caught on the Lochsa River with catch rates at 40 hrs/fish

  • Upper Salmon Weekly Chinook Update 7/15/2012

    Angler effort picked up again this past weekend compared to the one before, but that did not result in many more harvested Chinook. In general, the numbers from the week were similar to those from the week previous.

  • Upper Salmon Weekly Chinook Report (7/9/12)

    Angler effort picked up again this past weekend compared to the one before, but there were still a few open holes out there. The addition of section 18 to the fishery also helped to spread anglers out and opened up some more good water.

  • Clearwater Weekly Chinook Update (7/9/12)

    Many of you have stopped fishing for Chinook in the Clearwater Region, but I know some of you still are so I am going to keep providing these updates until we shut down the season.