Steelhead Fishing Blog

  • Spring Steelhead Memories.

    Steelhead fishing with my Dad around Stanley in 2009. - John Keaney

  • Clearwater Steelhead Creel Numbers

    Check graph to see creel numbers for steelhead fishing on Clearwater, Salmon and Little Salmon Rivers.

  • Steelhead and Chinook Salmon Update

    Hi all, seeing I haven’t provided you an update recently,  I thought I would let you know how the steelhead season is progressing and what we have forecasted for the upcoming spring/summer Chinook salmon season.


  • Steelhead Fishing Opportunities 10/31/12

    Hi everybody, I thought I’d let you know about some steelhead fishing opportunities that will be occurring in the Boise area.  We will be stocking around 250 steelhead that were trapped at Hells Canyon Dam in the Boise River on Thursday, November 1 from Glenwood Bridge to Barber Park.  I have be

  • Fall Chinook Update for Snake and Clearwater Rivers 10/23/12

    Section 3 of the Snake R. had the best catch rates for Fall Chinook again this week.  - Jaime Mills, Clearwater Region Fisheries Technician

  • Clearwater & Salmon River Steelhead Update 10/22/12

    River sections 01 and 03 had the best catch rates for steelhead this week at 13hrs/catch and 9hrs/catch. The North Fork of the Clearwater has documented harvest this week of 6 steelhead.

  • Upper Salmon River Steelhead Weekend Summary (10/21/12)

    Fishing this weekend on the upper Salmon River improved over the previous one. The best hours per fish caught were still found in section 14 and were at 15 hours per fish.

  • Upper Salmon River Steelhead Report 10/07/12

    Hello again, this is the first weekend update for the 2012 upper Salmon River fall steelhead fishery. These updates will be sent out each week from now until December 3rd and they summarize the creel data collected during the previous Saturday and Sunday.

  • Fall Chinook Creel Update 10/09/12

    The Snake River creel section 3 (Couse Crk to Cache Crk) still has the best catch rates for Fall Chinook this past week. Section 5 of the Snake tailrace of Hells Canyon Dam has documented one hatchery jack harvested.   - Jaime Mills, Clearwater Fisheries Technician