Steelhead Fishing Blog

  • Steelhead fishing on the Clearwater River

    A beautiful day for fishing.

    Steelhead fishing is still slow in both the Clearwater and Snake Rivers. Weather is cooling off and we had a nice rain storm on Sunday.

  • Phil Anderson and sons on upper Salmon 2013

    Success on the upper Salmon River.

    I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you all what a fantastic job you have been doing in regards to Steelhead and Salmon recovery in Idaho. I have fished Idaho's Salmon River every year for almost 15 years now. I have always targeted the section between Challis and Stanley.

  • Weekend Steelhead Summary for Clearwater River 4/20/13

    Catch on the North Fork of the Clearwater  this past weekend was great and decent for keepers, but low number of anglers interviewed. The catch on the South Fork is great - 2 hours for each fish caught - but horrible for keepers.

  • Upper Salmon River Steelhead Fishing 4/21/13

    The steelhead fishing this past weekend on the upper Salmon River picked up slightly over the previous week. The majority of anglers were found in section 19, near the Sunbeam Dam area or in section 17, near the mouth of the Pahsimeroi River. Minimal angler effort was observed in section 18.

  • Clearwater Steelhead Creel Survey 4/07/13

    On section 03 the catch was great at 8 hours but low number of anglers interviewed and hours fished. On 05 and 07 the catch is great but horrible for keepers. - Seth Crevison, Clearwater Region Fisheries Technician

  • Upper Salmon River Steelhead Weekend Summary 4/07/13

    This weekend on the upper Salmon River the majority of anglers were found upstream of Clayton, in section 19. Very few anglers were observed fishing downstream of Elk Bend. Anglers in section 17 averaged 18 hours per steelhead caught, while in section 18, the average was 43 hours per steelhead.

  • Salmon River - Weekend Steelhead Creel (3/3/13)

    This weekend on the upper Salmon River, the number of anglers increased, but compared to the week before, the fishing was not as good. The best catch rate was found in section 18 where anglers averaged 11 hours per steelhead.

  • Weekend (3/2/13) Creel Numbers for Clearwater, Snake and Salmon rivers.

    Catch rates were decent this week on the Salmon River. - Seth Crevison. Fisheries Technician, Idaho Fish and Game

  • Salmon River Steelhead Creel - Weekend of 2/24/13

    Angler effort on the upper Salmon River this past weekend was fairly similar to the previous weekend, but the catch rates were much more inconsistent between the river section.

  • Steelhead Creel Numbers for Weekend of 2/24/13

    Catch rates were decent this week on most sections excluding the North Fork, while keep rates were not so great.  We saw the most effort upstream from Orofino Bridge with 10 hours to catch a fish and 25 hours to keep a fish. - Seth Crevison.