Steelhead Fishing Blog

  • Closure Notice on Lower Clearwater

    Hi everybody, this e-mail is to let you all know about an adult Chinook Salmon harvest closure that we will be implementing at the close of fishing hours on Friday May 16, 2014.  Please help spread the word.

  • Live Chat on Fishing in Idaho

    Fishing enthusiasts are invited to join an online chat with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and ask questions, give feedback, and learn more about fishing in the Gem State.

  • Clearwater Region Chinook Update (5/7/14)

    First, let me tell you what we know about the number of Chinook Salmon we are projecting to come to the Clearwater Region.  Last week we had some exciting times when over a three day period over 40,000 Chinook Salmon passed over Bonneville Dam.  Since then the counts have dropped back down, but

  • Weekend Summary on the Clearwater 4/19/14

    The South Fork of the Clearwater had the best catch rates this past weekend. Effort continues to drop in most river sections. Click here to see details - Jaime Robertson
    Fisheries Technician

  • Weekend Summary on Salmon River 4/16/14

    This past weekend on the upper Salmon River, the majority of anglers were found above Ellis in location codes 18 and 19, but anglers downstream of Salmon were still catching steelhead, as well.

  • Weekend Survey on Clearwater and Little Salmon 4/5/2014

    The Little Salmon River and the South Fork Clearwater were a busy fishery over the weekend and catch rates were very good. Fish and Game has discontinued monitoring the Main Clearwater River due to minimal angler effort.  Effort observed on the Main Salmon River was also minimal.

  • Weekend Creel Survey for Clearwater 3/23/14

    The busiest area this past weekend in the region was on the South Fork of the Clearwater (river sect 07). Hours per fish caught was only 4 hours, which resulted in really good fishing.

  • Upper Salmon River Weekend Report 3/23/14

    The steelhead fishing improved once again last weekend on the upper Salmon River. The average catch rates in location codes 14 through 19 either improved or remained close to those observed during the previous weekend.

  • Upper Salmon River Weekend Summary 3/16/14

    This past weekend on the upper Salmon was the best steelhead fishing that has been observed so far this spring with the majority of angler effort located downstream of North Fork in location codes 14 and 15.

  • Upper Salmon River Weekend Summary 3/09/14

    With the low level snowmelt that is occurring, water conditions on the upper Salmon River continue to fluctuate daily. The Deadwater ice jam went out on Wednesday, March 5th, and the river visibility downstream began to improve by Saturday.