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  • Upper Salmon Chinook Update 7/21/14

    The Chinook season in location code 19, upstream of the East Fork of the Salmon River, was closed at the end of fishing on Saturday, July 19th.  The season is still open in location codes 16, 17, and 18 until the end of fishing (10:00 PM) on Sunday, July 27th.

  • Chinook at Sawtooth Hatchery on Facebook

    The Sawtooth Hatchery is posting photos and information of retuning Chinook salmon on their Facebook page.  Check in out!

  • Upper Salmon Chinook Update 7/7/14

    The Chinook harvest increased this past week on the upper Salmon River, but once again, anglers upstream of the Pahsimeroi River fared better than those downstream.

  • Clearwater Harvest Summary 7/8/14

    Fishing effort and catch has really dropped on the Snake R from Dug Bar to Hells Canyon Dam. - Jaime Robertso, Fisheries Technician, Clearwater Region

  • Upper Salmon Chinook Update 6/30/14

    Chinook anglers on the upper Salmon River had mixed results this past week depending on where they decided to fish. Anglers downstream of the Pahsimeroi River, in location codes 16 and 17, were working hard to find the fish and averaged 202 hours per Chinook caught.

  • Upper Salmon Chinook Report 6/23/14

    Chinook fishing opened on the upper Salmon River this past weekend, and fish were being caught right away. The river was running at approximately 3,000 cfs through the town of Salmon on Saturday and the visibility was good.

  • Clearwater Region's Chinook Update 6/24/14

    Hi everybody, this is the Clearwater Region’s Chinook Salmon Update (6/24/14).

    Because harvest shares haven’t changed from last week and many of the fisheries are ending, I’m going to jump right into what’s going on for each of the fisheries in the Clearwater Region.

  • Clearwater Region Chinook Salmon Update 6/17/14

    There are a lot of rule changes occurring this week so I want to make sure you are all aware of these first.  So the rule changes are as follows:

    Rule Changes in the Clearwater River drainage

  • Clearwater River Salmon Fishing Restriction

    Notice: Restrictions to the harvest of Adult Chinook Salmon in the Clearwater River Downstream of Orofino Bridge and in the North Fork Clearwater River. Harvest of Jacks still allowed.

  • A Chinook is a Chinook - Not

    Those of us that live up-River of Riggins are sure hoping that IDFG will limit the lower Salmon River Chinook harvest, so as to allow a decent adult return to the upper River, especially the Pahsimeroi, and Sawtooth hatcheries.