Steelhead Fishing Blog

  • Clearwater Region Fall 2014

    Steelhead and Chinook Report in Cleawater 10/13/14

    Anglers are spreading out to fish in the Clearwater region. 185 anglers were checked this past weekend on the Salmon and Little Salmon River. 60 steelhead were caught over the weekend with just under 19/hr catch rates on the Salmon and Little Salmon River.

  • Steelhead in the Upper Salmon 10/12/14

    This past weekend a weather front that made its way through the area hindered steelhead anglers with precipitation and strong winds, but anglers were still able to find some steelhead.

  • Update on Steelhead Bound for Clearwater River 10/7/14

    Hi everybody. I thought I would give you a quick update on the Clearwater River Steelhead fishery just in case you were trying to decide if you wanted to fish the Steelhead harvest opener starting October 15.

  • Upper Salmon River Weekend Report 10/05/14

    The fish are here. Creel clerks began interviewing steelhead anglers on the upper Salmon River this past Thursday, October 2nd, and a harvested steelhead was found that same day. This is quite different from last year when a kept steelhead was not found until mid-October.

  • Snake and Clearwater Steelhead Creel Survey 10/5/14

    Fishing on river section 01 (downstream from Salmon River) was really good this past weekend with 7 hours to catch a steelhead.

  • Clearwater Region Steelhead Fishery 9/16/14

    Hi everybody, I have been getting bombarded with questions regarding Steelhead and Fall Chinook Salmon runs, so I figured it is about time I give you all an update.  I have been holding off until I had enough information to give you something meaningful. So here you go.

  • Steelhead Fishing 2014 Clearwater River

    Clearwater Weekend Steelhead Fishing Survey 9/22/14

    This past weekend, most steelhead anglers focused on the Snake River downstream from teh Salmon River and on the Clearwater from the mouth to the Memorial Bridge.  The creel survey reports 136 fish caught and 99 were kept by anglers.

  • Salmon Fishing on the confluence of Snake and Clearwater Rivers

    Clearwater Salmon Weekend Update 9/23/14

    This past weekend on the Clearwater River was still pretty warm weather wise but, many anglers hit the water in the mornings and evenings. Many anglers  are off the water by 12pm. The confluence of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers, which is creel section 1 river sect.

  • Upper Salmon River Chinook Report 7/27/14

    Chinook fishing on the upper Salmon River closed at the end of fishing on Sunday, July 27th.

  • Clearwater Chinook Update 7/18/14

    Hi everybody. This will be the last update I provide regarding fishing for spring Chinook Salmon in the Clearwater Region for you die hard, never say stop Chinook anglers.

    Currently the remaining river reaches open to Chinook Salmon fishing in the Clearwater Region include: