Steelhead Fishing Blog

  • Upper Salmon River Weekend Steelhead Summary 3/17/12

    Fishing this previous weekend was pretty slow with the exception of two locations. The narrows downstream of Shoup continued to produce fish, and anglers near the mouth of the Yankee Fork also started catching them at a pretty good rate.

  • Upper Salmon River Weekend Summary 3/11/12

    Fishing this last weekend dropped off slightly from the previous one, but the hours per fish caught were still fairly good. Poor weather on Sunday also affected our data because it limited the number of anglers who were out fishing.

  • Upper Salmon River Weekend Summary 3/04/12

    Angler success this last weekend improved in all river sections. The majority of anglers were found downstream of North Fork, but activity also increased near Ellis and steelhead were even caught in section 19.

  • Upper Salmon River Steelhead Report 2/26/12

    The steelhead fishing this last weekend on the Upper Salmon River appeared to be highly variable. Anglers were having good success on Saturday, especially downstream of North Fork in section 15, but by Sunday the fishing had cooled off considerably.

  • Steelhead Bag Limits Increased on Upper Salmon

    On February 16, 2012 the Idaho Fish and Game Commission increased the bag limits for steelhead in sections 15 through 19 on the upper Salmon River from Long Tom Creek – about three-quarters of mile upstream of the Middle Fork Salmon River – to a posted boundary about 100 yards downstream of the

  • Commission Increases Steelhead Limits in Upper Salmon.

    The Idaho Fish and Game Commission Thursday morning, February 16, increased the bag limits for steelhead in part of the upper Salmon River, effective immediately.

  • Fly Fishing for Steelhead on the Main Salmon

    On April 13, 2011 we were fly fishing the Main Salmon between Challis and Ellis. Twelve fish in the boat!

     -  Mikel Mcintosh

  • Friends take friends steelhead fishing.

    I haven't missed going up and fishing for steelhead on the Salmon in 20 years. I look forward to it all year. This year I took a friend who had never been steelhead fishing. When we arrived I walked him down to a hole that has always been successful for me.

  • Cast and Blast

    Oct 10 2010. Sun up found us launching at Heller Bar. By noon we had released a native salmon, caught a hatchery 15 lb steelhead and shot a handful of chukars. A sack lunch on the white sandy beach of the Snake River didn't compare to the dinner yet to come.

  • Who needs a boat!

    Who needs a boat. Forgot my big net. Wouldn't you know it I hook into the largest steelhead I've ever hooked. 10 of the longest minutes of my life followed, finally landing this fatty with a severly undersized net.