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  • Weekly Chinook Update 5/24/12

    Hi all, it looks like I need help with my ability to forecast the run size.  Unfortunately, I think we have gotten to the point where most of the adult Chinook salmon destined for the Clearwater Region have come over Bonneville Dam.  This means our harvest share will likely be somewhere between

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    Clearwater Weekly Chinook Harvest Summary 5/22/12

    Fishing has definitely started to pick up on the Clearwater! There were a lot of anglers out over the weekend. Creel section 1 (Railroad bridge to Cherry Lane bridge) saw the highest effort and had the most fish caught.

  • Weekly Chinook Update 5/16/12

    Hi all.  It appears my crystal ball has some glitches in it that I need to work out.  Our projected harvest share (based on counts at Bonneville Dam) for adult Chinook salmon for the entire  Clearwater River basin increased by about 1,200 fish from last week, which is great, but I’m not sure we

  • Clearwater Region Chinook Harvest Summary 5/14/12

    This past week and more so this weekend saw a jump in angler effort, but the catch rates were poor on Section one ( Camas railroad bridge to Cherry lane bridge).

  • Weekly Chinook Update 5/10/12

    I hope you are ready to catch some salmon because they are on their way!! 

  • Weekly Chinook Update 5/4/12

    Hi everybody, I waited as long as possible before I sent out this week’s weekly Chinook update.  I was hoping run conditions would improve so I would have better news to report.  Unfortunately they haven’t so this is what I  have to report. 

  • Idaho Chinook Salmon Update 4/25/12

    Here's good news for all you Chinook salmon anglers!  The Chinook salmon are starting to pour over Bonneville Dam. 

  • Clearwater and Little Salmon Steelhead Report 4/23/12

    Steelhead season is winding down. Fishing rates were best on the Little Salmon while the Clearwater only saw anglers on the South Fork and North Fork. The South Fork did not have any documented fish kept this past weekend.  - Jaime Mils

  • Upper Salmon River Steelhead Report for 4/22/12

    Besides giving many of us our first sunburn of the year, the beautiful weather we had this past weekend also managed to just about shut down the steelhead fishing. The warm weather caused the Salmon River to rise and muddy up. Not surprising, this resulted in some relatively poor fishing.

  • Upper Salmon River Weekend Steelhead Report for 4/15/12

    The steelhead fishing this past weekend dropped off some compared to the previous one. While the hours per steelhead caught last weekend were below 10 hours in each section, they were near, or above, 10 hours this weekend.