Steelhead Fishing Blog

  • Clearwater Steelhead Fishing Report (11/16/15)

    Steelhead catch rates on the Clearwater River this past week were good with 10 hours or less to catch. We are starting to document more anglers fishing above Orofino Bridge and we documented catch on the South Fork of the Clearwater.

  • Upper Salmon Steelhead Report (11/15/15)

    With catch rates under 16 hours per fish in all location codes, steelhead fishing remained good this past week on the upper Salmon River. Angler effort was lower than the previous week but remained high for the middle of November.

  • Natalie Hodson fishing the South Fork Salmon in 2015

    South Fork Salmon Memories

    We had a great salmon season and, as always, are sad the season is over. We caught quite a few big fish this year and it was a lot of fun. - Natalie

  • Upper Salmon River Chinook Fishery Report (7/6/15)

    Chinook angler effort was lower in all upper Salmon River location codes this past week, but catch rates remained good. Once again the majority of anglers were found in location code 19, near Stanley. Anglers near Stanley averaged 20 hours per Chinook caught and 42 hours per Chinook kept.

  • Potlatch River Steelhead

    The Potlatch River is a smaller little known river that flows into the Clearwater River about 15 miles upstream of Lewiston, Idaho. For those familiar with this river, images of raging dirty water in the spring and barely a trickle in the summer often come to mind.

  • Salmon River Steelhead Fishing 4/13/15

    The Salmon River cleared up this past week as flows began to decline, and as result, catch rates improved considerably.

  • Clearwater Steelhead Fishing 4/13/15

    Angler effort continues to decline on the Main Stem of the Clearwater and lower Salmon River as the Spring 2015 Steelhead season nears its end. Most of effort this past week occurred on the Little Salmon River and on the South Fork of the Clearwater.

  • Anglers Catch Steelhead Broodstock for South Fork Clearwater River

    Anglers Help Catch Steelhead Brood Stock

    Since 2010, Idaho Department of Fish and Game has been recruiting anglers to catch adult steelhead from the South Fork Clearwater River.

  • Clearwater Steelhead Fishing 3/29/15

    The South Fork of the Clearwater had the highest amount of effort this past week with the Little Salmon River not far behind. Both areas had good catch rates. Effort increased on the North Fork of the Clearwater from the previous week and produced good catch rates.

  • Upper Salmon Steelhead Report 3/29/15

    Steelhead fishing this week on the upper Salmon River remained similar to the previous week. The one exception was in location code 16, where angler effort increased and catch rates improved.