South Fork of the Clearwater

Why did you put clipped hatchery trout in the south fork of the clear water. This is considered a trash fish to a lot of fisherman and damaging to our native rivers.

We found that we were forced to only keep hatchery trout on what was a very expensive outing to the south fork river this past week. This is a fish we could have fished for a few miles from home. We also found that while fishing for trout in the south fork, it was very hard to find a native fish. The native fish we did catch were small and a lot were foul hooked. I have fished this river for years and have never foul hooked as many fish. I feel that this was a bad addition to south fork or any river. I think the hatchery fish will starve out the native fish.

Every steelhead is a first.

I caught this beauty on the South Fork of the Clearwater. My husband and I try to make at least 2 trips a season there and always have a great time, whether we catch a fish or not. To me, there is nothing like hooking up with a steelhead. I have great joy and excitement each time I hook one, and after 25 years of steelhead fishing on the Clearwater and Salmon, I enjoy each fish the same as if were the first one caught.
- Noreen Percifield