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Does Fishing Slow in Winter, or Are Fish Just Slower?

Many diehard anglers feel it's just as sensible to bundle up and go fishing as it is to bundle up and jump on skies. While some say fishing is slow in winter, others have learned that fish move more slowly in cold water. How to adjust to this metabolic change at Take Me Fishing


Hunting Epiphany

After working with an Idaho teen and her family, a photographer changes her stance on hunting.

See this story of enlightenment at IJR Review

Photo by Hilary Maybery

Sturgeon Thunder

Until now, mostly anecdotal, scientists say stories about sturgeon using low frequency sound to communicate have some merit. Find out why these prehistoric fish make these sounds at Outdoor Hub.

A Dipper Diving

If you have spent much time on Idaho's rivers, you have probably seen a small bird with a pretty song called a dipper. If you have ever wondered what they do when they go below the surface, here is your chance, thanks to Audobon Magazine