Seen and Heard Blog

  • Pocatello Wellness Pond - A New Fishing Hole/Recreational Area Opening September 2015

    Pocatello will receive a new urban fishing water this coming fall with the opening of the Portneuf Wellness Complex. The 7-acre pond will be stocked with fish and ready for anglers when the park opens to the public.

  • Lost Camera Finds its Owner

    A fish and game researcher was doing personal research by flyrod when he lost his digital camera. Two years later, it found it's way back to him through social media.

  • Alleged Falcon Slayer Identified

    Who news agencies say she is, and the story behind the alleged killing at CDA Press

  • Trash or Treasure?

    Most people consider them trash fish, but one Idaho fly shop owner says carp are worth stalking. Why he says fly anglers should stop fixating on trout in the Idaho Statesman

  • Why Deer Shed Antlers

    Just like most hardwood trees shed their leaves each fall, so do deer shed their antlers, but why?

  • Rare Ringtail Cat Captured/relocated in Idaho

    For the second time in one year, a rare ringtail cat has been captured, collared and relocated in Idaho's Magic Valley.

  • Don't Feed the Deer!

    Feed one deer and you might get chased down by the entire herd! How this exact scenario played out through a series of hilarious photos at Outdoor Hub.

  • A Fish Swims in the "Fountain of Youth"

    For ages scientists have tried to find a way to slow aging in humans. Now some scientists are saying questions might be answered by a rare breed of fish. Read the latest at Gizmodo

  • An Unlikely Hitchhiker

    Why did the weasel hitch a ride on the back of a woodpecker? The answer is not as cute as the photo, but the irresistable image can be seen at SB Nation

  • Why So Many Salmon?

    2014 was a great year for some salmon runs in the Pacific Northwest including here in Idaho, where a record number of sockeye returned to Redfish Lake, and sport anglers got there first ever shot at targeting coho salmon. Why did so many fish make it back?