Baiting Big Game (Black Bears) for Photography

Referencing a question I asked on 7/14/14, "Using Salt/Mineral licks to "scout" for deer and elk," Blake Phillips said it was legal to bait for deer and elk as long as you are using the bait for photography, wildlife viewing or scouting activities, provided, you don't hunt directly over the baited location.

Is it then legal to do the same thing for black bears (I don't see why they would be treated any differently than deer and elk)?

Using Salt/Mineral licks to "scout" for deer and elk

I have recently seen and heard of people placing salt/mineral licks with trail camera's over them to "scout" for deer and elk in July and August. They aren't necessarily putting a tree stand over them but they hunt these areas in September. From the regulations page 98 (It is unlawful to), "Hunt any game animal by means of baiting with the exception of applicable rules for the black bear baiting permit (See pages 69 and 70).