Portneuf Wildlife Management Area

Crawfish lower portneuf near lava

My friends and I where fishing the portneuf near lava a while ago and kept catching these crayfish near the slag water we threw Them all back because we didn't know the regs on crayfish. Questions here are 1. Can we keep crawfish wit just a regular licence or are there other specific rules? 2. What is the limit? 3. Are crawfish from the portneuf safe to eat?

Prepping for deer season

A newly-launched Wildavore Program in the Pocatello area provides adults with hunting workshops and a chance to complete hunter's education class.

The class highlighted in an Idaho State Journal article took place at the Portneuf Wildlife Management Area near Pocatello and focused on hunting skills and a better understanding of wildlife habitat.



Read more about it in the Idaho State Journal article