State record fish caught... again!

Another weekend of ice fishing on Cascade and another state record yellow perch.  How can you go 38 years without breaking the record and then break the state record three times in three weeks?

Read more about this record-breaking catch: *


*Note: Idaho Fish and Game has confirmed that this indeed did break the state record set last week. Review all state of Idaho record fish here. And, apparently if you're headed to Cascade lake, you can find the instructions for recording a state record fish.

Are perch in CJ Strike at risk of overpopulation?

I have heard conflicting opinions among fishermen about keeping lots of perch at CJ Strike. Some say limits should be placed to prevent diminishing the fishery. Others say perch are overpopulating, and as many as possible should be removed to prevent stunted fish.

What is IDFG's view of the status of the perch populations at Strike, and what should anglers do to maximize the quality?