North Idaho

Helpful Map Web sites for Hunters

I wanted to look up the boundaries on some state land the other day and went to the Kootenai County website.  It’s a dang good site for those of us wanting to know who owns what land.  Basically, just go to the Kootenai County website.  Click on the layers button (to the right of the green i) and make sure at least the parcel polygon layer is checked.  Zoom into whatever are you want to look at.  The thin blue lines are outlines of property boundaries.  Now you can click on the blue i and click on any of those parcels.  The program should bring up land ownership in a box on the right.  A lot more here, and I’ll leave it to you to explore.  Good site.

Most (not all) counties have their own website and it’s a toss of the dice whether you can easily find maps and land ownership.  None of the other 4 Panhandle Counties had wonderful sites (Bonner County was ok.)  If you want to see what’s available in your own hunting area, go to{DA621DF6-70BE-4437-BE02-B1431FDA93CA} for a list of county websites.  Good luck.