How do I get a muzzleloading endorsment on my lisence?

I want to participate in the muzzle loading only season. I noticed that in order to do so, it was necessary to have a muzzle loading endorsement (like my archery endorsement) on my license. i have, however, been unable to find any class information.

I am an NRA muzzle loading rifle instructor, so I really don't need more instruction, just endorsement.

thanks for your help.

I know that it is illegal to have any type of electronic device on your bow, does that mean mounting a camera to your bow to video a hunt is illegal?

I was just reading the regulations and understand that using any electronic device attached to your rifle or bow is illegal and this also includes the lumenocks for your arrow. I also was wondering now that it is getting more and more popular to video your hunts and with many trying to do this on their own, if it was illegal to attach a video camera to your rifle or bow to video your own hunt as it is an electronic device.