2012 IDFG Licensing Live Chat

Idaho Fish and Game wants to talk to hunters and anglers about hunting and fishing licenses.

Fish and Game hosted a live chat from 12:15 to 1:45 p.m., Mountain Time, Wednesday, December 19. Participants had an opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback and learn more about hunting and fishing license products and programs.

Fish and Game’s licensing manager Craig Wiedmeier and enforcement chief Jon Heggen will answer questions and discuss Idaho’s new Mentor Hunt Program, a program that allows an individual who is not hunter education certified to hunt while accompanied by a mentor.

The “I Hunt Idaho” and “I Fish Idaho” web pages, Christmas gift ideas, advantages of lifetime licenses, and other related topics will be highlighted during the 1 1/2-hour chat.

Participants also responded to licensing-related polls and saw the results in real time.

“With the New Year fast approaching, we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to ask those difficult licensing questions and to discuss various options,” Wiedmeier said. “We hope this chat will help answer those questions in a new, fun and interactive way.”


**Editorial Note: A few of the answers were mildly edited for clarification after the live chat event. 

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Can a Idaho resident buy my non-resident hunting license, controlled hunt applications and tags for me?

A lot of outlets say they can only sell non-resident hunting license, controlled hunt applications and tags to the non-resident in person. If a Idaho resident can buy my non-resident hunting license and tags for me then the sellers of tags and licenses need to be educated.

Thank you


If you purchase a reduced fee Mountain Lion Tag, can you still purchase a regular priced Mountain Lion tag?

I just returned from Bear Hunting in unit 10 (filled one tag, passed on several small bears and left the second tag unfilled) and since I was going to be in unit 10 I purchased a reduced fee Mountain Lion tag and a reduced fee wolf tag. I didn't see either a lion or a wolf during my hunt, but wanted the tag just in case. I'm now considering using a guide this fall to go Mountain Lion hunting and if I can't buy a regular priced tag I'll need to hold off on this hunt for a year. Thanks for any information.