Transporting Kokanee. Can i filet Kokanee in the field for storage and transport home? I will go to deadwood for a few days at a time and can bring home 50 fish. Can they be filet out and the carcasses put in their own cooler?

I will go to Deadwood for a few days at a time and can bring home 50 fish. Sometimes it is so hot they will start to go bad in a day. Can I filet them out with skin on and keep carcasses in their own separate cooler? It is easy to determine species and quantity. I can keep filets bagged and packed much cooler than whole fish.

Kokanee rebound in Priest Lake

According to historical stocking data, Kokanee have not been stocked in Priest Lake since 1989. Just recently their population has grown enough to allow for retention. Would it be safe to assume that they have made a rebound on their own? From reports on your site, netting predatory fish (Lake Trout) to reduce their numbers and boost the Kokanee, Cutthroat and Bull Trout has had little to no success as their numbers are not decreasing. However it sounds like the net/strobe light in the thoroughfare to Upper Priest Lake is producing better results.

Priest Lake Fishery

In a past answer to a question regarding the future plan of the Priest Lake fishery it mentions restoring native populations of trout and kokanee. Does Idaho Fish and Game consider Kokanee a native fish to Priest Lake?

can you use a net to catch the kokanee on the mores creek/grimes creek area?

I have seen a number of people catching the spawning yet landlocked kokanee along Mores creek and Grimes creek, (they're not native american). They said that as long as you "milked" them it was legal. I also noticed that they had a fairly large number of fish, around 20 or so and they were bragging about how many they got the prior day as well. I didn't know them but figured they were locals because they didn't seem to have a vehicle nearby to get plates off of.