I'll be back!

“Calling in a 354 inch 8x9 Bull in the rut was really something to experience. I'll never forget it! Thanks to my friends and to IDFG for the excellent tag program my year was a huge success! I'm looking forward to dropping some tickets in the bucket next year!” – Jack Pederson, 2010 Super Hunt elk tag winner


To Choose Any Hunt was Amazing.

Just to be able to choose any hunt was amazing. It's a hunter's dream. I wanted to hunt a place with few people and a lot of big bucks. That's just what I did. After hunting for nine days and looking over a ton of bucks, I saw him.

- Dave Leavitt, 2007 Super Hunt Winner

Best $50 I Ever Spent!

It all started with phone call from my brother, Dallas. "You lucky SOB, your name was drawn for the Super tag," he told me. "I couldn't believe it - best $50 I have ever spent. After the initial shock wore off, it was time to start scouting for the "WOW" buck."

Ryan's Super Hunt adventure ended with him getting his "WOW" buck. The buck unofficially scored 220" Boone & Crockett, and is 34 1/2" wide.

The state record score for a typical mule deer is 215 5/8, and for a nontypical it is 320 4/8. The Boone and Crockett world record typical mule is 226 4/8, and nontypical is 355 2/8.

 - Ryan Smith, 2007 Super Hunt Winner

2010 Super Hunt Elk

Had the Super Hunt elk tag last year. I hunted unit 40 with all the other Super Hunt winners. Not bad, there are lots of drainages. Was able to take a nice 6/7 bull elk on the second day of the hunt that scored 364. If anyone needs info about the unit just post. I have a lot of phone#s of locals. If your lucky enough to draw the tag do research ." -  Idaho Super Hunt Facebook post by Case Shively, April 2011


Idaho Super Hunt Combo Winner 2011

What a great opportunity to hunt Idaho again this year. Thanks to Idaho Super Hunt for the tags. Hunted some of the most beautiful places in Idaho. I hunted only with family and friends, no outfitters or trespass fees. Hunted the longest and hardest for deer (from Aug 15 to Nov 30th), but never shot at or harvested one. However, I did let a few nice bucks go, for next years winners. It was just fun to have the chance to go to any area and hunt and maybe find the dream animal. Thanks again Idaho. -  Facebook entry as 'Idaho SuperTag'

Luck has everything to do with it!

My Idaho Super Hunt. By Ross Rackliff

Sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good.

While this old adage applies to every kind of hunting, it’s perhaps even truer when it comes to big mule deer.

It seemed that the more research I did on where – and how – to hunt big mule deer, the tougher it appeared to be. The complicated draw systems and preference points put in place by most western states made it difficult, if not impossible, to hunt a quality mule deer area.

So when I read about the opportunity to apply for an Idaho Super Hunt tag, I figured it was worth a shot. I have to confess that I had no idea what an Idaho Super Hunt tag was until three days before the deadline. But I was looking for an opportunity to hunt big mule deer, and I figured a chance at this tag was worth rolling dice for. So I sent in six tickets (yes, just six tickets!) and forgot about it.

I was in for a surprise several weeks later when I got home to a message on my answering machine from Idaho Fish and Game. “Congratulations…” it began. I had to listen to the message three times before it finally started to sink in. I’d pulled a tag for an Idaho Super Hunt for mule deer!   - Ross Rackliff,  Winner of 2008 Super Hunt deer tag.  Excerpt from Mule Deer Country blog.  Click link for full story.  http://muledeercountry.com/?s=rackliff

Super Hunt in Idaho's Lava Country

I have a long time from Idaho who always told me if I draw a tag in Idaho to give him a call!! When I received the call from the Idaho Fish and Game informing me that I had drawn the Idaho Super Tag for deer, I couldn’t wait to tell him the great news. I picked up the phone and the dates were set for the hunt.... Two years earlier I was lucky enough to hunt the area locally called lava country, and I knew there was a potential for a mature buck here.  The Idaho Super Hunt, the friendship and even the pack out was a trip to remember.  - Dennis Pahlisch, 2007 winner of Super Hunt deer tag. Excerpt from Mule Deer Country blog. Click link for full story. http://muledeercountry.com/?s=pahlisch

The Whole Mountain Came Alive...

Before sun-up opening morning of the 2009 rifle elk season it was 15 degrees in Unit 4.  My son and daughter in law, Jordan and Courtney, and I hiked 45 minutes to a clearing that we'd seen elk before. While I waited there for shooting light, Jordan & Courtney decided to backtrack a little bit and head down a well-used game trail & sit overlooking a smaller clearing near the bottom of the drainage. A few minutes went by and the magic time had arrived. All of a sudden a shot from above on the ridge road rung out and the whole mountain side came alive. A herd of elk came crashing down toward me. As I waited to see what or where they came out, I caught glimpses of several cows and a spike bull weaving through the trees on the far hillside, heading just below where I was positioned.  It didn't take long until those same elk single filed right below me at about 125 yards. As I waited for the spike bull to show itself, I suddenly saw a 6X5 instead. Understandably I didn't have time to even ask to myself where he'd come from before I pulled the trigger and down he went. What an awesome hunt. With the help of my kids we had him skinned out, quartered and packed out back to camp by early afternoon!   - Troy Hess

Nice Shot.

I was just going for a drive and spotted these elk on the hill side outside Garden Valley. Out of season so I shot them with my camera...

- Neal Bernklau