hunting turkeys

Patience Pays Off for Brynlee

Brynlees turkey 2013

Brynlee found out that perseverance pays off. Just the morning before, her younger 10 year old sister Olivia came very close to harvesting this Tom. It had been Olivia's 3rd morning hunting turkeys, but just when we thought we had it all figured out, the turkeys would outsmart us again. When it was Brynlee's turn again, (her third morning also) it all finally came together. By setting up very quietly, picking the right spot, and showing patience as the turkeys closed the distance, Brynlee was able to slowly raise her shotgun and harvest this big tom at 20 yards. She hopes that her younger sister Olivia and her older brother Staten will get their chance also, as they drew the same permits as well. - Eric, a proud father.