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Taking Archery Ed Field Day in Idaho as a nonresident

I am looking to get into Archery hunting in 2015. I am a Montana resident and have passed the Montana Field Day Qualifier Exam (online course) and have a printed certificate. I work and live in Idaho for part of the year. Can I register for an Idaho Archery Ed field day to complete my archery education process? Or do I have to take the field day in the State where the exam and residency is specific to?

University level bow hunting class.

I am having a really hard time getting in to do the IDFG's bow hunters education courses. They are never offered close to me during the school year, then when I go home over the summer they are never close to home.
The University of Idaho has a bow hunting class geared towards hunting and someone mentioned that they thought it also counted towards the requirements for the Idaho Bow hunter education course. Just curious if anyone could verify this?