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Ground Squirrels

why are we suddenly seeing (pine?) squirrels around Palisades?

We've been coming to our cabin on Palisades for the past ten years and this is the first time squirrels have been a problem. They are fun to watch, but they are digging into our crawlspace!
Friends in Alpine are also commenting on the sudden invasion. I realize these small creatures are hardly "Game" animals, but can you tell us where they are coming from? Is the drought in the middle of the country driving them to the mountains?

Thanks for your help,


Which species of ground squirrel can be found on the BLM and public land tracts near Middleton, Parma, and Sand Hollow?

I've enjoyed hunting ground squirrels around the Treasure valley since I bought my first .22 rifle. I've always tried to be careful and know what I shoot at to avoid killing protected species. I've done some research to help with identification, but several species are very nearly identical. Some protected and unprotected species are all but impossible to tell apart. I've gone through the field guide suggested in the upland game regulations handbook, but the illustrations therein weren't very helpful.


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