Canadian Geese Menace?

Is anything being done to try to better control the seemingly huge population of Canadian Geese? Not only are they a menace and health risk at my workplace in East Boise, but they invade my horse pasture in Robie Creek eating new grass and defecating everywhere. It seems to be getting worse and worse every year. I believe many of them never leave and have become year round residents. I've tried several things to repel them, coyote decoys, dog chasing, etc., but nothing seems to work.

Why not open Roswell WMA and Ft. Boise WMA to snow goose hunting?

The closure of these public WMA's to snow goose hunting means that only hunters who know farmers in the area, or those who are wealthy enough to lease those farms for hunting can participate in the spring hunt. I am very concerned about situations like this that are turning our sport into a rich man's game, and limiting the ability of the average hunter to participate. Thank you!