A beautiful day for fishing.

Steelhead fishing on the Clearwater River

Steelhead fishing is still slow in both the Clearwater and Snake Rivers. Weather is cooling off and we had a nice rain storm on Sunday. The featured picture is of the confluence river section 01 and of Washington river section 648. Click here to see the latest steelhead harvest report. - Jaime Robertson, Fisheries Technician

Kokanee spawning in Hayden Lake.

I read you have stocked Hayden Lake with Early Spawners that spawn in tributaries...
1. if that is true then why are there large numbers of red kokanee under the docks at honeysuckle beach right now?
2. do you release the fish at the docks, or do you release them in the tributaries?
3. why are you using early spawners when all streams flowing into Hayden lake dry up by August?
Thank you!

What is to be done with a badly injured fish that is not legal to keep?I often catch smallmouth bass that are too small to be legally kept. Sometimes, a fish has been hooked through the gills and is bleeding a lot. It is unlikely to survive. What does the

Crawdad Regulations

I would like someone to clarify for me the exact regulations on fishing for crawdad/crayfish in Idaho. My understanding is that you only need a regular fishing licence unless you have over five(5) traps. And that if you have over five traps then you need some type of commercial licence. Also to my understanding, there is no number limit or size restrictions on crawdad in Idaho. Is all that I have said correct and are there any other regulations? Also, how much does one of those commercial licences cost?

Fishing with a 2 pole permit for trout, steelhead or salmon

I have a technical question on fishing for trout, steelhead and salmon with a two pole permit. I have always purchased a two pole permit and used 2 poles for trout and steelhead. I do have a specific question on daily limits and fishing with two poles. For example I was told that once I had harvested 4 trout out of 5 that I could only use 1 pole to catch my last fish of the day by another fisherman. I did not think that was correct but could not find anything in the regulations about it? Does it apply per species, is it different for salmon and steelhead?