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Idaho fishing licenses

Idaho Fishing, please consider the 365 day licensing. Your out of state license is one of the more expensive which is not an issue. What is an issue is getting our moneys worth. We love fishing my home waters of Idaho but some years we only are able to fish maybe 20 days. For the $98. fee in today's economy is very hard. Keep in mind the other moneys we bring when we do come.
I am betting even some locals would really like this 365 day license.
Thank you.

Copy fishing licence

Can I make a copy of my fishing licence and keep one in my tackle box and one in my wallet so if I forget my wallet I can use the copy thats in my tackle box or if my wallet gets stolen I can still fish? Will it be valid, or is the illegal for some reason? If so why? thx, Isaac

I have a friend visiting from another country that wants to buy a 1 day nonresident fishing license, but all stores require a social security number. How can non US citizens get a fishing license?

Visitors from countries outside of the US won't have a social security number. My friend tried purchasing a one day nonresident license using a passport as identification from both Fred Meyer and Cabelas, and both said they required a Social Security Number.

On Lake Pend Oreille, is the two pole permit required to fish multiple lines?

Page 15 of the regulations says, "No limit on the number of fishing rods per angler while fishing from a boat." There is no mention of purchasing the two pole permit. Is a two pole permit needed to fish multiple lines on Lake Pend Oreille?

If the two pole permit is required, if I have a two pole permit do all people in the boat need a two pole permit?

Will a fishing without a license citation show up on a background check?

Also, will a fishing without a license citation be grounds for a bench warrant with the sheriffs office if not paid? Does a fishing without a license citation get dropped after a certain amount of years whether taken care of or not? Will a fishing without a license citation prevent one from obtaining a fishing or hunting license in the future?