fish stocking

Trout in unstocked lakes

I've found several alpine lakes in the Sawtooths with cutthroat trout yet the lakes do not appear in the F & G stocking reports for any year; they're called "unnamed lake" on the Idaho FishMap and no stocking record is given. In some cases, the lakes are not connected by creeks to any other lakes. Can I assume these lakes were stocked "back in the day" before records were kept and the fishery has reproduced naturally since? Or is there a super-secret stocking report only available to F & G employees (just kidding)?

Mosquito eating fish in private ponds

I have a large pond on our property (about 1/4 acre surface area). We would like to ensure it doesn't become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.We know we will have to apply for the a private pond permit before stocking any fish, but do you have any recommendations on fish varieties which are good at controlling mosquito populations on a relatively stagnant pond?

Fish Stocking in the Buffalo River

I have noticed in in recent years that the fishing has significantly went down on the Buffalo River. In looking at historical stocking reports, it states that there has been no stocking since 2002. Is there a specific reason for this? My family and I enjoy the fishing in Island Park especially the Buffalo River and would like to know if stocking is going to start again. Thanks.

I noticed the stocking report of brookies for Henry's lake in 2012 and 2013 was about 100k and 40k. I was wondering if these stockings included male brook trout? I know there was some discussion about this, but never heard whether it was/did happen.

Follow up Question: How come there are no brook trout lakes identified in the Sawtooth area?

I had already followed your directions but when you do a search as you describe below to find brook trout in the Southwest Region, none of the lakes in the Sawtooth mountains are identified. I have heard about a few lakes in the Sawtooth wilderness that have populations of brook trout but they do not show up when I do a search under other trout.


Even though IDFG doesn't stock brook trout now, why don't you include them in the historical stocking data?