Why not charge a non-resident hunter 2 or 3 times more for his second elk tag?

Non-resident hunters that buy a second elk tag typically are good enough hunters to fill it. This means that during bow season they may harvest two mature bulls. As a resident my cost for a second elk tag goes up by a factor of 13.5. It would seem only fair to: (1) charge a non-resident 2 or 3 times the cost of the first tag for the second elk tag or (2) limit his second kill to a cow if there was no price increase. I don't believe other states even allow a non-resident to shot a second elk and their non-resident fees for the first tag are typically higher than Idaho.

The Whole Mountain Came Alive...

Before sun-up opening morning of the 2009 rifle elk season it was 15 degrees in Unit 4.  My son and daughter in law, Jordan and Courtney, and I hiked 45 minutes to a clearing that we'd seen elk before. While I waited there for shooting light, Jordan & Courtney decided to backtrack a little bit and head down a well-used game trail & sit overlooking a smaller clearing near the bottom of the drainage. A few minutes went by and the magic time had arrived. All of a sudden a shot from above on the ridge road rung out and the whole mountain side came alive. A herd of elk came crashing down toward me. As I waited to see what or where they came out, I caught glimpses of several cows and a spike bull weaving through the trees on the far hillside, heading just below where I was positioned.  It didn't take long until those same elk single filed right below me at about 125 yards. As I waited for the spike bull to show itself, I suddenly saw a 6X5 instead. Understandably I didn't have time to even ask to myself where he'd come from before I pulled the trigger and down he went. What an awesome hunt. With the help of my kids we had him skinned out, quartered and packed out back to camp by early afternoon!   - Troy Hess

Nice Shot.

I was just going for a drive and spotted these elk on the hill side outside Garden Valley. Out of season so I shot them with my camera...

- Neal Bernklau