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Elk Tag Quotas

I am concerned about the lack of elk and deer in the Weiser River hunt units especially 32A.

We have been hunting in unit 32A for 8 years. We normally hunt during the general rifle season. Our party of 5 saw the fewest number of deer and elk that we have ever seen. We hunt hard on foot usually in the areas south of New Meadows down to Council. We believe your pre-season survey for the number of elk and deer in 32A is incorrect. You are killing too many cow elk in 32A!!!! F&G should cut down on the number of cow elk seasons. What happened to all the deer that use to be in 32A?


This question is awaiting an answer. We are working to get an answer to this question.

Why does the number of Non-Resident elk tags available for the Lolo, Selway, and Middle Fork Zones exceed the actual quota?

On the website showing the available non-resident tags by elk zone, the number of available tags (in the right hand column) exceeds the alloted quota for non-residents.

Why is this? Shouldn't this number be less than or equal to the quota, differing by the number of non-resident tags already purchased for each zone and hunt? This discrepancy seems to only affect the A and B hunts for the Lolo, Selway, and Middle Fork Zones.


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