Combination - Sportsman's Package

So I want to know how come people can go to closed hunting units and hunt.

Lets say that I was out watering my animals and some guy is parked right in the middle of the road to were I couldn't get around him so I ask him what are you doing being parked in the middle of the road and he said that he is watching elk and guiding his buddies to them.

Okay I want to know why when I go and look it up on the hunt planner that it doesn't show unit 68 general elk season open from 8/30/14-12/31/14


Cow elk hunt

I am a nonresident hunter how did I get my voice heard on big game plans?? Rifle cow elk hunts during an open archery season? How did this come about? No input from sportsman

South Hills Elk Hunt

South hills unit had a "B" that was a rifle cow hunt starting in August and runs into Dec. In the middle of the hunt is "A" tag for archery. Does the fish and game not notice the problem? If the elk are in the fields were do you think the bow hunters are going to be? I know of a number of archers that were shot at while trying to stalk elk and fish and game was call and came out "once" Is the fish and game only worried about killing off the elk? Elk have been killed up to six miles from the fields and no one is there to enforce the actions going on.

Elk Zone Objective Numbers

Are the objective figures for each elk zone a minimum or a maximum number? In other words, if a zone is above objective is the goal managing it to get populations down to the objective? I read someplace that in Montana objective numbers are a maximum, and MT FWP tries to keep populations from exceeding the max.