Video: Conservation officer frees buck

In August, Conservation Officer John McLain received a call about an entangled buck near Orofino. Finding the buck, he turned on his body-mounted camera and thought, “this might be a video of me getting my butt kicked, or it might turn out alright.”

Once freed, the deer remained on the ground for a few seconds, then bound away and appeared uninjured by the experience.

For the whole story, read the press release: Conservation Officer Frees Buck And Video Goes Viral.

Don't try this at home.

Patience pays off.

Having moved to Idaho in 2004, I struggled for seven previous seasons to figure out where and how to hunt the wide open and steep spaces of Idaho. Along the way we started to figure out where and how, filling a few bull and buck general season tags. Having our sights set on something big we religiously put in for controlled deer tags and I was drawn in my eighth try for a late 32 buck tag. My oldest son Justin had this tag in 09' and harvested a wonderful 192" buck. I went into this season with the hopes of finding something comparable. I took off 2 full weeks from work and was prepared to hunt hard the entire time to fullfill a lifetime dream of a big mule deer. Well on only my third full day of hunting, my good friend Roland helped me glass up this buck at a mile a way. After an hour stalk my 44 years of waiting was over. It isn't as big as my son's but I don't mind.
- Brian Kondeff

My first buck!

My first buck! I was really lucky to draw a late buck tag for unit 48 in 2011. The bucks were rutting hard and the conditions were perfect. Using the natural contour of the land I was able to stay out of sight and out of the wind to sneak up to 25 yards. He was with 12-13 does and two other bucks. This was the most exciting hunt of my life! Thanks Fish and Game for preserving our wildlife so that hunters like me can enjoy the great state of Idaho!
- Matt Sloan

What a great feeling.

I have hunted with my best friend and hunting partner Robert Moore for the past 15 yrs. The more hiking we do, the more exploring we do, the more game we seem to find! You're only limited by your own physical ability. Ditch the ATV's and hike the wilderness Idaho has to provide. You will see more game! Climb of 2600 feet up to 9800 feet in Unit 50. What a great feeling.
- Tom Matus

Applications open for Extra Antlerless Deer Hunts!

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game will be offering two extra antlerless deer controlled hunt opportunities during December in a portion of Unit 45 near the area of the Blair Fire.

The hunts have been established to reduce herd numbers prior to winter to help ease pressure on remaining habitat, minimize deer collisions on nearby roadways, and alleviate some depredations on private croplands. 

The first controlled hunt will occur December 1 - 14, while the second will occur December 20-31. Both hunts will have 250 tags for antlerless deer only. These tags represent an extra deer hunting opportunity; hunters who already hunted or harvested this fall are eligible to apply for these hunts. 

Interested hunters will need to apply by November 18 at any Fish and Game license vendor, by calling 1-800-55HUNT5, or on the Internet at

For more information, please contact Idaho Fish and Game’s Magic Valley Regional Office at 324-4359.