cutthroat trout

Trout in unstocked lakes

I've found several alpine lakes in the Sawtooths with cutthroat trout yet the lakes do not appear in the F & G stocking reports for any year; they're called "unnamed lake" on the Idaho FishMap and no stocking record is given. In some cases, the lakes are not connected by creeks to any other lakes. Can I assume these lakes were stocked "back in the day" before records were kept and the fishery has reproduced naturally since? Or is there a super-secret stocking report only available to F & G employees (just kidding)?

Cutthroat trout in Baptie lake?

Historically, Baptie lake, near Goat and Betty lakes in the copper basin area, has produced very large cutthroat trout. This lake produces cutts in the 28-30 inch class and i noticed their numbers have dwindled over the past ten years. This lake has not been stocked with cutts since 1989. This is an amazing fishery. Very few alpine lakes are capable of producing trout this size. Why has the stalking of cutthroat trout stopped? Why is the potential of this lake being ignored and used to host tiny greyling and goldens?