Let's Get Excited and Make Things!


"Communication tools don't get socially interesting until they get technologically boring.
- Clay Shirky

The web has become a tool we leverage in our daily lives: tweets break news stories and announce births, photos are online the second they are captured and search engine names are used as verbs.

No longer are we dependent on scribes to translate our thoughts to HTML. This website is designed to be the modern replacement to the printing press for Idaho Fish and Game. The software behind this text is designed to make our website participatory - and in the process - the relationship of Idaho Fish & Game with their constituents and colleagues becomes less regulatory and more cooperative - less them and more us. Technology becomes the tool that unites and empowers.

Our website is who we are. It is our only direct public face beyond the one-on-one interactions of our staff. All other outlets are through intermediaries in the news media. The web has become the metadata for life – our website is the profile of our agency and what we represent. It must convey our vision.

In an era where everything is digital, it is easy and cost-effective to integrate the web into existing workflows. By doing so, we increase the leverage of the Department to serve and lead our diverse stakeholders.

The revolution starts when we stop viewing the web as simply a publishing medium, and start viewing the web as a platform for collective action.

Technology should help solve big problems, not make them.

Do you work for Idaho Fish and Game and you're ready to get started?  Good.

Let's Make Things!


Note: Tools for the public are coming as soon as our folks all get comfortable swinging this hammer.