How many crawdads are in Cda lake?

I'm not looking for exact that's impossible but how healthy is the population of crawdads in Cda lake? What about CDA beach area? About what percent (from what you know) do the crawdads make up on a smallmouths diet? What kinds of fish are in CDa lake? What makes up most of a smallies diet on CDA? Thx if you don't know that's fine just anything you do would be much appreciated

Crawfish lower portneuf near lava

My friends and I where fishing the portneuf near lava a while ago and kept catching these crayfish near the slag water we threw Them all back because we didn't know the regs on crayfish. Questions here are 1. Can we keep crawfish wit just a regular licence or are there other specific rules? 2. What is the limit? 3. Are crawfish from the portneuf safe to eat?