Coeur d' Alene Lake

How many crawdads are in Cda lake?

I'm not looking for exact that's impossible but how healthy is the population of crawdads in Cda lake? What about CDA beach area? About what percent (from what you know) do the crawdads make up on a smallmouths diet? What kinds of fish are in CDa lake? What makes up most of a smallies diet on CDA? Thx if you don't know that's fine just anything you do would be much appreciated

Catching Fish

Here's A very quick question im going fishing at coeur d' alene lake and i wanted to know can you catch as many fish as you want and do you have to release them i would be very pleased if you answered.

Salmon Catching

Im Going to go to coeur d' alene on august 18 then leaving the 21st and my family are going fishing at coeur d'alene lake and we were wondering we are going to get our fishing license's at walmart like always when we go fishing i was wondering do we have to get a salmon license's to catch salmon?