chinook salmon

Why such an early close date on the South Fork of the Salmon

I just read that the SF of the Salmon will close on the 9th. Only 2 1/2 weeks after the season has opened. This year there were 273,000 plus Salmon over Bonneville. 118,000 more that last year. There were 87,000 over Lower Granite. 47,000 more than last year. According to your catch numbers the catchable fish on the South Fork this year close to 750 fish. This is roughly 1.6% of the fish over Granite. Given the huge return numbers closing the South Fork this early seems to be a closure based on something other than numbers. I am wondering what the motivation is behind this decision.

Clearwater chinook seasons

Hi, I am an avid salmon and steelhead fisherman on the Clearwater River, and I am trying to understand the season this year. As of today, May 18th, we are on track to have one of the best returns over Lower Granite in over 10 years. If these numbers keep coming through the end of the month, we could have 70 to 80,000 chinook over Granite in the month of May. That's a lot of fish. In 2011 we didn't have that many come over and we were fishing for adults into late June. What's the deal? Are the PIT tags that skewed towards the Salmon drainage this year?

1 Adult Salmon limit, On the Clearwater?? 2 Adults on the Salmon/Snake.Unjustified !

So the other day, someone asked the question, why a 1 fish limit on the Clearwater.? Well someone from the department commented that , the reason for the 1 fish limit, is so that the folks who fish the South Fork of the Clearwater, will have the opportunity to catch a salmon , in there backyard.Really?? After a forecast of 80,000 fish returning to Idaho waters, the claim is no catchable numbers of Salmon will return to the South Fork Clearwater!

Keeping of jack salmon

When fishing for Chinook salmon you are allowed to keep 2 jack salmon (salmon under 24 inches) per day as long as they are hatchery fish as evidence by the heald scar on the adipose fin. Since jack salmon are sexually immature and not considered as breeding fish, why does it matter if the jack is a hatchery fish or a wild fish? It is not a breeder anyway, so why not allow the keeping of wild jack salmon?

Does it look like the Chinook fishing season will extend past Oct. 31 for Snake/Mainstem Clearwater?

I am very happy to be able to fish in the historic chinook return this year. I was wondering about the quote on "The timing and length of Idaho’s salmon fishing seasons depends on the number of fish returning to Idaho in any given year."

Is this a strong possibility this year given the return over Bonneville (844083 fall chinook) and Lower Granite (42276 fall Chinook)?

I was just curious how that process worked and when the decision would be made? It seems like if it were ever extended this would be the year.

Whats the procedure for storing chinook salmon while camping/fishing for a few days?

We want to camp for a few days and fish for salmon. We'll have our motorhome and want to freeze what we catch the first couple days. What needs to be done to the fish to make it legally stored so we can show the fish & game officer if they ask. Do you just have to keep the head & tail on? Or ? Thank you very much for your time!!