Carrying a side arm in Wallace G. National Forest, Blue Creek area of Coeur d'Alene

The Wallace G. National Forest is a bow hunting only area in Blue Creek Bay area. It is well posted that no firearms are allowed. I always carry a side arm while bow hunting for personal protection and my hunting buddy always tells me I am not allowed to carry it since it states no firearms. Can you clarify if I am legally allowed to carry it in that area.

University level bow hunting class.

I am having a really hard time getting in to do the IDFG's bow hunters education courses. They are never offered close to me during the school year, then when I go home over the summer they are never close to home.
The University of Idaho has a bow hunting class geared towards hunting and someone mentioned that they thought it also counted towards the requirements for the Idaho Bow hunter education course. Just curious if anyone could verify this?

I know that it is illegal to have any type of electronic device on your bow, does that mean mounting a camera to your bow to video a hunt is illegal?

I was just reading the regulations and understand that using any electronic device attached to your rifle or bow is illegal and this also includes the lumenocks for your arrow. I also was wondering now that it is getting more and more popular to video your hunts and with many trying to do this on their own, if it was illegal to attach a video camera to your rifle or bow to video your own hunt as it is an electronic device.