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If a resident is totally and permanently disabled, unable to walk much, can they use a motorized vehicle such as a ATV to get to hunting area?

I am a new Idaho resident, about 6 months now. I am totally and permanently disabled as I have a degenerative spinal disease and I am unable to walk very far. In California, if a person was totally and permanently disabled with documentation from their doctor, we could use an ATV to get to hunting or fishing areas, even if areas were a non-motorized area.
They allowed this under Federal ADA mandatory rules for allowing access to recreational areas for the disabled.

Southwest Regional Big Game Public Online Live Chat

The Southwest Region is hosting an online live chat as part of the public meetings for proposed big game regulation changes.

Tune in to this website on Tuesday, March 5th between 12:00pm and 2:00pm MT to learn about the proposed changes and get your questions answered.

More information available as it becomes available.

Browse to the Southwest region proposals.


Some proposal highlights in the Southwest Region include:

  • Mule Deer - Reducing antlerless hunting opportunity in Unit 39. A second proposal calls for reducing antlerless hunting opportunity in units 22, 31, 32 and 32A.
  • Elk - Reducing antlerless hunting opportunity in Unit 39, while a second proposal calls for increasing antlered hunting opportunity in Unit 41.
  • Pronghorn - A controlled youth-only archery hunt in Unit 39 with a maximum of five tags available.
  • Wolves - A wolf trapping season on private land only in Unit 22.



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lighted arrow nocks

Why are lighted nocks illegal for use on big game in the state of Idaho I would think that it would make it better so u can see where or even if u hit the animal your hunting instead of people thinking they missed, but actually hit the animal and not being able to find there kill?