bear bait

Using Salt/Mineral licks to "scout" for deer and elk

I have recently seen and heard of people placing salt/mineral licks with trail camera's over them to "scout" for deer and elk in July and August. They aren't necessarily putting a tree stand over them but they hunt these areas in September. From the regulations page 98 (It is unlawful to), "Hunt any game animal by means of baiting with the exception of applicable rules for the black bear baiting permit (See pages 69 and 70).

Is it legal to hunt bear over the remains of a quartered game animal?

I know it's against the rules to use any big game animal as bait when hunting bear, however, I have a question about hunting over a legally harvested elk kill. My brother-in-law recently took a cow elk, and after we harvested all of the meat we left the cape, entrails, and most of the skeleton on the mountain. The next day when walking by the kill site to fill my elk tag we encountered a large boar eating and burying the remains. If I would have had a bear tag, would it be legal to set up and hunt bear over the kill site, essentially using the remains as bait?