Archery Permit

Late archery season question

I want to hunt in the late archery season in unit 64. I haven't bought my archery permit yet this year but did buy a general deer tag. Can I still get my archery permit and use my general deer tag to hunt or is it too late this year. Also it says whitetail only so does that mean I need a white tail tag or will my general one work? Thanks!

I put in for an archery hunt this spring and drew. The only problem is, I wasn't able to find any archery classes offered that I could attend until August 15th, 2 weeks after I am supposed to purchase the tag. Can I buy the tag without an archery permit?

Why is a Hunters Ed Card "required" to hunt an "Archery Only" season when Bowhunter Ed was completed and passed? Other states don't require both cards during an Archery Only season but require an upland game stamp to hunt them during Archery Only seasons.

Does purchasing a Sportsmans Package give you an archery permit even if you have not yet completed the Idaho Bow Hunters Educational Course?

I live in Unit 53 which is exclusive bow hunting for deer. We have a lot of land, and I am starting to get into big game hunting more and would like to be able to hunt close to home. Due to a busy work schedule I have not yet completed the course for bow hunting and I have seen that the field day is already full. I just wanted to see if I would still be able to hunt with a bow by purchasing the Sportmans Package, or if I need to find a rifle hunt for this fall. Thanks!