Rain check on a draw tag

We drew antelope tags last year for unit 39. The Friday before the season opened my buddy had to have emeregency heart bypass surg. He turned in his raincheck paperwork with the doctors note two weeks after the season started (he was in the hosp). He has never heard anything back from IFG about the raincheck. He paid for his tag and was not able to use it because of a unforeseen emeregency medical issue. Should this be graounds for a raincheck. This tag is hard to get, in the first place.

Pronghorn fawns are very, very quiet

A recent article from NPR highlights the native camoflouge of Idaho's pronghorn. Being very quite is an amazing defense mechanism for these animals until they are old enough to run from predators.

Read the story and view some of the other camoflouge pronghorn have in photos at NPR.


While we're talking about pronghorn fawns, a recent video clip from our 75th Celebration shows historical footage of Idaho Fish and Game biologists "dip netting" (yes, like you'd use for a fish) pronghorn fawns as a management tool. Please note, we do not recommend standing on the tops of cars while driving offroad, as they do in the video below. 


I know pronghorns drop their horns by the end of November, yet I have seen pronghorns in February and March that seem to have a mature set of horns already. When do pronghorns start growing new horns, and when is horn growth complete? Thanks.