Alpine lakes

Even though IDFG doesn't stock brook trout now, why don't you include them in the historical stocking data?

When I search for lakes that were previously stocked with brook trout there is no information. I know brook trout are a non-desired species in Idaho but I would like to be able to find out what lakes were stocked with brook trout in the past. It seems that IDFG doesn't want to aknowledge that brook trout were ever stocked in Idaho.

What are the long term plans for the tiger muskie in the alpine lakes north of McCall?

These lakes used be to be great places to take kids hiking and fishing but now seem to be devoid of life other than a few very large tiger muskie that I have seen cruising these lakes. Will this remain indefinitely or will they be removed and native fish reintroduced at some point. I know the point was to control the Brook trout but they were alot of fun to catch. These lakes from the information I could gather are Twin Lakes, Twin Grassy lakes, Corral lake, Granite Lake, Upper Hazard and several others.