Where are big catfish in Idaho?

I have only caught catfish out of Park Center pond (Average ~2-3lbs) and near Brownlee Reservoir off of the shore (Average ~2-4lbs). I really want to catch some bigger cats this year. I have not had any luck on the Snake river at Swan Falls or Snake River near Homedale fishing by the boat launch. I have heard of people pulling in bigger cats (10+lbs) from Swan Falls... are they doing overnights there to do this? Peak hours when I have caught 6 cats in a night were from 10p-4a.

How do you become a vendor to sell fishing licenses?

I want to know the process of become a Vendor to sell fishing licenses in Idaho. We were thinking about opening a small fishing bait and tackle store this Summer. We have an undeveloped acre near Dierke's Lake in Kimberly. Residents must now drive into Twin Falls to get a fishing license and five of the six vendors are chain stores :( Kimberly is not even on the list of places to look for a vendor? I think it would be great to sell them local. They stocked over 2000 fish down the road last week!!! Thanks, Jo and kids

If a resident is totally and permanently disabled, unable to walk much, can they use a motorized vehicle such as a ATV to get to hunting area?

I am a new Idaho resident, about 6 months now. I am totally and permanently disabled as I have a degenerative spinal disease and I am unable to walk very far. In California, if a person was totally and permanently disabled with documentation from their doctor, we could use an ATV to get to hunting or fishing areas, even if areas were a non-motorized area.
They allowed this under Federal ADA mandatory rules for allowing access to recreational areas for the disabled.

Would it be possible to encourage people to target shoot somewhere other than at Spring Valley Reservoir?

I went skiing at Spring Valley this weekend and people were target shooting again near the reservoir. There were also many people ice fishing and walking and trying to enjoy the peace and solitude of this recreation area. We did not see a single bird or other animal during our ski which I attribute to the shooting disturbance. I feel it is inappropriate to have shooting in this area since this is such a popular area for outdoor enthusiasts. I certainly would hesitate to bring my children to play with the firing range so close by.

What should a person do if they have met up with people in the field that are hunting in the wrong area of a unit?

In the past four years we have witnessed people hunting for cow elk in all of unit 22 during the bull season. They have a 22-1 tag for cow elk. One year their was a group driving elk to the hunters. Scattering them making it harder for the law abiding bull hunters to work harder for an elk. We approached one such hunter and he insisted he is hunting in the right area. The area needs to be patrolled and tags checked. What should a person do?